Never too young to start playing golf here at Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant Golf Club is totally committed to promoting golf at all levels. Nowhere is this more apparent than in our junior golf section in Lower Stondon, Bedfordshire. From exciting events to youth golf club membership, we provide everything possible to get children involved in the exciting and rewarding world of golf.

An Inclusive Atmosphere

We aim to coach, encourage, and assist juniors in playing at a level they are comfortable with, while ensuring new players are introduced to the game with sound knowledge and understanding of its rules and etiquette. Most importantly of all, we work tirelessly to assure you that your children are in safe, capable hands. The club acknowledges and closely observes its duty of care in safeguarding the welfare of children. We operate a child protection policy accordingly.

Green Fees

Intermediates (19-29 years) pay the adult green fee unless they possess a valid student card. Gold Members do not pay a green fee as this is included with membership. Please see the table below for current rates.


Number of HolesWeekdaysWeekends

Bronze Members

Number of HolesWeekdaysWeekends

Members’ Guests

Number of HolesWeekdaysWeekends

Junior Membership Fees

European Golf Association Fees

Handicap and Competition Notes

Male juniors who have a handicap are eligible to play in all club competitions. Boys may play in the men’s competitions, and girls may play in both men’s and ladies’ competitions. 

Juniors with a handicap greater than 28, or who do not yet have a handicap, should play from the red tees at all times (including competitions). Male juniors with a handicap of 28 or below should play from the yellow tees for general play, and from the white tees in competitions.

Our club operates an equity, equality, and equal opportunity policy regarding male and female juniors competing together in junior competitions. Various events are held throughout the season, organised around the school holidays. There is also a group for coaching juniors, held on a Saturday morning.

For more information, simply email or call 01462 850999.